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Shenzhen International Hotel (Shenzhenair International Hotel), Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.L 'hôtel possède plus de 400 chambres avec des caractéristiques et des thèmes différents et est équipé d' un système de literie de luxe et de produits de bain de marque bien connus (Molton brone, rose, Vivien tam), fabriqué par la société américaine King koil.De l 'intérieur de la Chambre d' amis à regarder de très près, la baie de Shenzhen et le nouveau monde de l 'eau verte de la montagne de Hong Kong, ainsi que le paysage florissant de Pengcheng dans le Centre de Pengcheng peuvent être à la fin de l' oeil.Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.Pour de plus amples informations, veuillez consulter les commerçants.L 'hôtel possède quatre restaurants et bars de style très varié (Xiang, nanchun, chaojiang, Chun, Leyte) et offre quotidiennement des petits - déjeuners d' auto - assistance de différents goûts chinois et occidentaux au choix des clients.Le Centre de santé hôtelière dispose d 'un équipement sophistiqué capable de fournir 24 heures sur 24 des services d' auto - assistance, et dispose d 'une piscine intérieure thermostat, Spa 'Run' Spa Spa Spa Spa Spa Spa Spa Spa Spa Spa Spa, jeu d' échecs, yoga formation régulière, etc.
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  • e00263740
    Overall good, are convenient for transportation, facilities are quite new, satisfied
  • lusayia
    Very good stay, hotel service, the traffic is very convenient, not far from the street to the temple, dinner was solve problems. Chao Jiang Chun in the hotel General.
  • ft4211
    OK, good location
  • leon-Wang
    Hotel of location very good, in Shenzhen of main road deep South Avenue Shang, regardless of is took Metro also is sat bus, are is convenient. along can see of content very more. to East has trade, shied away by, Vientiane City, has been to railway station, East market,; to West has Park Bo Park, Fairview Chinese, folk village and so on. bus votes 2 Yuan or 2.5 Yuan, casually sat. hotel of service personnel smiling, is enthusiasm, trouble. lobby of reception Member and Hall of waiter, includingCleaning Aunty are. standard of cooking authentic Chinese restaurant of the hotel on the third floor is in Guangdong 'Chiuchow Garden', the second floor is the Huaiyang cuisine, are very good.
  • ClaireCC6
    A hotel late, a person at the front desk, waiting in line for a while, others can also, mainly from the airport, the port.
  • levms
    Hotel in shennan Road South, tight next to wide deep high-speed of Fukuda export, drive upper and lower high-speed road are compared fast, but recently of Metro station is Shenzhen 1th, Robo line of Che Kung Miu station (c export), walk to Metro station to probably 10-15 minutes, hotel of 3 floor, 4 floor is Chao Jiang spring restaurant, near also has many restaurant, Che Kung Miu Metro inside is a called 'big-Cho' of underground Mall, also has many things eat. hotel room also line, lobby is spacious. also providesComplimentary airport shuttle service, and value.
  • cjasdf
    Hotel location, room was good
  • dingr1
    Service very hard
  • e02365818
    Today a friend plaster paste, paste you can lose weight, the effect is very good. a post of a course of a week, about ten pounds to lose weight. absolutely effective, it can save money. It is posted on the mouth ... That's itPosted on the mouth ... Posted on the mouth ....
  • minilulu0326
    Good location, nice and very pleasant experience
  • CafeTime
    Hotel of lots good, in Center district, left Pro Nanshan right Pro at Lo Wu, North Longgang are is convenient. environment quiet clean, service intimate thoughtful. I of room on out of landscape Super praise, focus recommended they home 2 floor of Chinese, do of very of fine delicious. hotel service Ambassador Liang Chun art thoughtful carefully, everywhere for customer sake, General, the hotel worth recommended.
  • e03179632
    Friend is said to have good
  • jiajia7
    Hotel is very clean and very nice, the service is also in place, specially in the evening call and asked if anyone needed help, very intimate introduction to the hotel's services, gave them fruit and thank airlines for the services Ambassador Jia Ye students, out of his way to answer our questions, and also offered to provide us with traffic and other aspects of convenience, a, room facilities; 1. the room and the bathroom spacious, bright and comfortable; 2. the bathroom sanitary ware is American standard brands, good quality, washIs very large and comfortable bath water; various cleaning supplies exquisite beauty, toothbrush in good quality, soaps in the shape of the plane is very characteristic; 3. room design outlet location, desk, bed, convenience charge. in addition, guests at the hotel provided a power strip for your guest convenience of digital products. the hotel also provide ironing boards unique, convenient guest fast drying. 4. the rooms of the bed and pillows were very comfortable and sleep well. offers one-timeShoes are very thick, very comfortable, other hotel that thin disposable slippers cannot be compared with Shenzhen Airlines Hotel. 5. room free WIFI Internet access speed is good. B hotel services 1. Hotel duty manager Lina well, can help guests to solve problems in a timely manner. 2. floor cleaning staff, service and location. 3. check free welcome fruit, fruit quality. C, catering 1. hotel restaurant on the second floor, dishGood road. D traffic 1. entrance bus stop, distance from Metro station 5-10 Robin line minutes 2. very easy e, 1. cost-effective hotel. other five-star hotels or prices are much more expensive than the airline or a remote, Shenzhen Airlines in service and price/performance in a number of five-star hotel, can be regarded as the forefront. good luck Oh ~
  • david67
    All right
  • baicaipi
    When traveling. booked two rooms, just fine. will come later, location was good.
  • gaowenya
    Service impeccable, the rooms are clean, facing the sea.
  • atcbj
    Which is very nice
  • xjc_000
    Health General also can, but room has several small moth, TV back also no wipe clean! equipment Shang of regrets is no baby supplies, like cart bath basin what, room TV is small also not is clear! night telephone ring has is times noisy to I daughter sleep has, waiter Middle broke into to altogether in door began chat has! but eventually duty manager to compensation has two copies buffet, general attitude also is is good of! next should also will live of!
  • dorisdeng2000
    That's good
  • alex137
  • ManManMan
    Value for money good!
  • CD Sunny Doll
  • paopao_1010
    Decent hotel
  • dlcrest2011
    All right
  • e00378994
    Elevated too noisy outside, employee friendly. minibar free, good
  • lanlan1981
    The location, the environment can be, great line. wherever possible, the breakfast needs to be strengthened, nice sanitation. it is worth staying at.
  • angel20080921
    Very nice
  • caijessica
    The location was excellent, from the airport is also very convenient, convenient airport bus shuttle service can also, but a hotel room is a bit old, and I think the price is not high.
  • mandaybb
    Five-star hotels are good, if the price is more affordable would be better
  • AmosGeng
  • andy.luo
    Convenient, and slightly more expensive, breakfast should be improved.
  • e00081313
    That's good
  • jasondai_mac
    Receptionist service is terrible!
  • eve_1728
    Hotel location is very good, convenient, located in the core area, mature commercial, visit ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • wu0366
    Sending SOAP surprise, feeling very warm.
  • RobertII
    Good service attitude.
  • e00135412
    Yes, a very good environment. convenient location, service was good
  • Apple tree
    That's good!
  • bevin888
    location good, easy transport, nice service, facility good
  • Able168
    Hotel facility slightly old, pretty good!
  • finely666
  • goodfriend0108
    Boss book mission specified hotel, should still be good.
  • lennyliu
    Which is very nice
  • Cumming
    In Shenzhen I live had many home five-star hotel, but this is first times staying deep airlines, think regardless of from hardware and service Shang deep airlines are does is five-star of; first hardware facilities compared excellent; second, environment is good, can see sea, real of Seaview room, third, traffic extremely convenient, in deep Nanda road side Shang, feel gas field special foot.
  • ccland
    Hotel Nice check in when TV and the Internet is bad, but quickly arrange repair
  • wangweicuc
    On behalf of the guests booking, to Shenzhen will stay here
  • AnnCandy
    Nice, next time.
  • ice_mamengxue
    Nice hotel is near the site during construction. environment is slightly worse
  • e01396097
    Clean, good service, great, truly five-star worthy, will live next to Shenzhen.
  • e00096805
    Sorry, just made a mistake, Ah! was given all the highest scores! (Online did not explain what marking is out! is hereby declared correct!